American Girl Doll Memes Are Going Viral

American girl dolls

American Girl Dolls were all the rage in the 90s and into the early 2000s. The books were inspired by girls in America during different periods of time and the dolls matched the characters in the books.

Each girl had a different story and it was possible to order your own American Girl Doll that was customized to look just like you or any way you want it.

The popularity of the dolls fizzled out but they are starting to make a comeback. While the new dolls have their own unique stories, many millennials still think the originals are the best.

They have recently shared their desire to see dolls that reflect the current time period and all of the historical events they have lived through.

Most of them are pretty humorous and relatable. While these dolls aren’t likely to be created anytime soon, the memes and posts are taking the Internet by storm as more and more people come up with relatable American Girl ideas.

There’s even an entire Instagram page dedicated to these memes. Barrett Adair and her best friend, “C,” created the page. It has over 150,000 followers and posts new memes regularly, Adair talked about the page and its popularity saying,

“​​One of the funniest ones that we did is we all took a BuzzFeed quiz on what American Girl doll we would be. Then from there, we had to read the Betches article of ‘American Girl Dolls Ranked by Betchiness. From that moment on, it was just something that she and I really bonded over. We made every new friend take this quiz; we’ve made the guys we date take this quiz. Our friendship was this shared knowledge of the brand and the characters.”

Twitter users started coming up with their own American Girl suggestions too. Some of the best include:

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